In the article entitled, ?Exorcising the Republican antichrist? Damon Dimmick uses the words ?prejudice,? ?bigotry? and ?being targeted? to describe the ?transgressions? of students upon Republicans. This has to be the most distorted, sensationalized account I?ve ever heard.

Dimmick proudly declares ?I am a Republican? but then objects when people, including his own family and friends, affiliate him with the policies of the Republican party.

This is not prejudice or bigotry. It is responsibility. You support a party?s policies and you take responsibility for doing so. It?s as simple as that.

Democrats, Republicans and independents take political jokes. Just read the Onion sometime.

But I would never be so audacious and inconsiderate as to call this ?prejudice? and ?bigotry.? If being affiliated with the ideas of one?s own party is prejudice and bigotry, then what is it to be denied a job, attacked or arrested on the basis of race or gender?

I find it insulting that someone could use the same language to describe those circumstances and affiliation with the policies of one?s freely chosen party.

I?m a moderate Democrat and some of my best friends are conservatives. I have been accused of wanting to control other people?s spending and even being a communist, even though these are largely exaggerations.

However, it would have been a boorish exaggeration for me to consider this bigotry. I personally know Dimmick to be a gentleman but I hope that he might re-evaluate his stance on the topic and keep the language he uses in perspective with real prejudice and bigotry.

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