Despite a mid-season coaching change, the women toughed it out to finish the season at 2-5 by defeating SUNY Brockport last weekend. Overall, the women have progressed since last season, losing in tight games against tough competition.

The two wins this season provide the women hope for a successful future.

In only two seasons, the team has generated much interest, growing to 15 players with 13 returning next year.

Last week, the women took vengence for an early season loss to the Demons with a 4-3 victory in an exhibition game. Next year, the team will be under the leadership of coaches Dave Maksymiu and Pia Cseri-Bri-ones. They hope to expand the Yellowjackets? schedule by adding a wider variety of games.

The team was led by senior co-capatins Kate Donhauser and Lorrie Paston last year and both hope next year?s team will grow in players and in recognition next season. Many players still feel that a majority of UR students don?t even know that the team exists. The Yellowjackets are poised for the future and has high hope for its third season.

?The team came together at the end of the season,? said Donhause. ?We saw improvements from everyone on the team.?

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