Splendid choice! You will receive a pass for a free wrap in Douglass Food Court as a reward for your good judgment.

In case you hadn?t heard, Douglass Food court now serves up to two different wraps per day, as opposed to last year?s four plus. However, seeing that the students want to get with both this and that, Aramark has brought more wraps back ? in the Pit.

?If that?s not choice, I don?t want it,? exclaimed sophomore Idowanna B. Here, who got rejected from his other top university choices. ?I love that I have the same number of choices for wraps that I used to get, only now divided among two locations. Choice isn?t about making things more accessible, it?s just about making things more inconvenient.?

Seeing the excitement Aramark has created by removing choice and then bringing it back, several professors have decided to experiment with more, but not necessarily better, choice in their classrooms.

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