Sex and the CT

Circumcision? Make your decision

While it’s true that tetanus wouldn’t be a health consequence for most Americans, circumcision as a primary means of STI protection is a poor choice.

The do’s and don’ts of spring break sex

A routine checkup for sexually transmitted infections and diseases is never a bad idea before and after you plan on having sex with someone new.

Public opinion on pubic hair

The proliferation of porn culture, and the lasting impacts of feminist and free love movements have confused many as to what is “normal” for pubic hair — just what is the standard at UR?

Know your options for male contraception, or lack thereof

The lack of choice in men’s reproductive health care is a disservice to as well as a burden on women.

Have you learned the ABCs of HPV?

Although it’s hard to believe, nearly all sexually active men and women have potential to contract human papillomavirus infection.

The keys to a successful long-distance relationship

Long Distance relationships can bring about challenges, from social media faux pas to tough goodbyes.

Six reasons why you should be having a lot of sex during finals week

Taking a non-orthodox study break might have benefits for your grades, and your health.

How to get turned on by your Thanksgiving dinner

Several foods commonly served on Turkey day have been shown to have sexual health benefits.

Amanda’s guide to anal probing

Don't overlook the taboo when looking for ways to spice up a relationship.

Ten reasons for rejection

We’re all scared of rejection. No one wants to be told they aren’t good enough. But in reality, that’s not…