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Ask Estrada: Hookups, relationships, and ‘let’s talk about sex’

Is it irrational to fear telling a girl I’m a virgin?
Choosing to share anything about your sexual history can leave anyone feeling vulnerable. If what …

Ask Chris: Making your love life a piece of cake

Ask Chris: Making your love life a piece of cake

My boyfriend has taken to calling me muffin and cupcake, but I hate it. How do I tell him?

I intend to, like bread, rise to …

Ask Estrada: Hookups, relationships, and great expectations

My boyfriend’s penis is only 2.5 inches long. I’m used to longer penises than this, but I love him so much I don’t want  him …

Ask Chris: Lovers, partners, and pairs, oh my

Ask Chris: Lovers, partners, and pairs, oh my

Editor’s Note: Professor Estrada was not feeling well this week, so one of our staff decided to step in and share his own words of …

Ask Estrada: Hookups, relationships, and common scents

How long does the average guy last for, how long does the average male take to “recharge”, and what can I do to improve these …

Ask Estrada: Hookups, relationships, and (men)struation

I want to be there for my girlfriend when she has her period every month, which I know is a tough time, but I don’t …

Ask Estrada: Hookups, relationships, and sexual disconnects

My last girlfriend broke up with me because I couldn’t get hard when having sex with her, and one night, I even screamed “Oh, Steve!” …

Ask Estrada: Hookups, relationships, and orgasms

I don’t enjoy having sex at all. It is a tiring experience for me and I have never been able to achieve orgasm. However, I …

Ask Estrada: Hookups, relationships, and sex toys

Should men be open to their girlfriends wanting to integrate adult toys into their sex lives?

Imitation may be the most sincere form of flattery, but …

Ask Estrada: Hookups, relationships, and threesomes

Why won’t my boyfriend perform oral? How can I push him in the right direction? 

Without talking to your boyfriend, I can only guess about his …


Ask Estrada: Hookups, relationships, and the male g-spot

As a guy, I’ve heard about how amazing prostate orgasms feel. Why do I still feel ashamed for wanting to know what it feels like?

If …

Looking under the hood at female orgasms

Oh, the ever-mystifying, ever-elusive female orgasm. We have them, we love them, but do we understand them?

On a biological level, everything that goes down inside …

Famliarize yourself with today’s hookup culture


Whether you’re a freshman or a senior, navigating through hook-ups can be extremely difficult. No amount of alcohol or friendly encouragement can completely erase the …

Unhappy couples the result of bad sex

Begging the bad sex question: Is it his or her fault?

Who is really to blame for bad sex, men or women?


Cashing in your v-card: the value of your virginity today

Courtesy of

When you’re a hormonal teenager in high school, you’re typically thinking about three things: school, your social life, and sex.
If you’re a …


Seeing the end in the beginning: the expiration dating game

Courtesy of

“He’s only back for the summer, but he’s so nice and sweet. I think I’m going to go for it.”

“Yeah, …

Sex in the Stacks!

The Dewey sexicimal system: Getting it on in the stacks

Learn about what makes this phenomenon so popular.


‘Toy story’ grows up: play safely by yourself

Need some help finding that new bedroom B.F.F.? Let Sex & the CT help you out!

Licking Artsy

The moral of oral: give, get pleasure sans peer pressure

Many sexual anxieties are rooted in oral. With mutual pleasure being a key element in a great sex life, consider this advice to make sure both you and your partner are as comfortable as can be.

Walk of Shame 2

The shameless walk: own your morning after

That walk home in the morning after a steamy night in someone else’s bed — sometimes, it’s too familiar. Too embarrassing. Next time, don’t let the walk of shame earn its title. Instead, own it with pride.

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