Parsa Lofti / Photo Editor

UR SEGway, a survivor empowerment group dedicated to bringing awareness to issues such as sexual assault and domestic violence on campus, hosted its first “Walk a Mile in Her Shoes” event in Rettner Hall this past Saturday, March 8.

Students were welcomed to attend this international campaign and learn about the resources available to them on campus.

Various speakers from UR SEGway’s planning committee introduced the cause to over 200 attendees. Participants then walked around the Fraternity Quad to show support.

Both men and women were encouraged to wear high heels to shed light on the saying, “You cannot understand someone

until you put yourself in his or her shoes.”

Freshman Emily Indriolo, an attendee, believes she “not only gained a better understanding of the issues” but “thoroughly enjoyed” the creative booths that were stationed around the room.

People at the event were able to watch performances by the Midnight Ramblers and the Sihir Bellydancing Ensemble, as well as play trivia games and use a photo booth.

UR SEGway Secretary and sophomore Celine Anand said she believes the event was a success.

“The booths are the main focus point. The Gandhi Institute, University Health Services’ ‘Stop. Ask. Clarify.’ campaign, the College Feminists, and many Greek organizations came out to support the event,” Anand said. “It couldn’t have been possible without the support of so many groups.”

UR SEGway President and Sophomore Emily Sumner shared the same postive sentiments.

“We hosted this event to raise awareness and to provide comfort for survivors of sexual assault so they know they are not alone,” Sumner said, “and I think we successfully did that.”

Students can get involved in various ways, such as participating in health fairs, hosting professor panels, and participating in free hug campaigns. Sumner encourages UR students to collaborate in diminishing sexual assault and domestic violence.

“UR SEGway is so unique because we do more than just weekly discussions,” Sumner said. “[We] are an activist organization. The University has great resources for survivors that not all students are aware of […] we hope that more students will utilize those resources.”

Lee is a member of the class of 2017.

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