Wow, never would I have thought that someone would waste their time to write such an article. The fact that you were offended by a word that the dictionary defines as “To name and dedicate ceremonially: christen a ship.” is ridiculous. Granted the word has a religious definition, but the paper used the NON-RELIGIOUS definition.It is obvious that Currents did not mean the definition “To baptize into a Christian church or to give a name to at baptism” since it doesn’t even make sense in context. Next time before you attempt to invoke some kind religious fervor over the usage of a word, look it up.

Also, Cat massacre?! Last I heard it was just one. I am sick and tired of people still dwelling on this issue and often blowing it out of proportion. I hope animal rights people have better things to do with their time than continuing to waste time on that cat. Lets put a stop to all this and move ahead with all of our lives. PLEASE!

-Albert Huang Class of 2004×43491

Adulting 101: The illusions of age and maturity

Why do we continue to linearize the path to maturity with respect to time and age? It’s high time that we redefine the social concept of maturity.

College Diversity Roundtable discusses conduct policy changes, Bias-Related Incident Report, world events messaging

The College Diversity Roundtable discussed code of conduct changes, the upcoming Bias-Related Incident Report, and administrative messaging about world events at their first meeting of the year.

Censored: CT pushed from Public Safety coverage

Any process relating to the DPS — the University’s private, hardly-accountable policing system — needs to be brought into the public awareness.