The Lattimore and Kendrick intersection is scheduled for renovations and improvements this month. Both roads will be resurfaced, straightened, and widened from Valentine Tower on Westmoreland Drive to Elmwood Avenue.

Construction began on Monday, Sept. 24 and will tentatively be completed by Nov. 15, according to Director of University Parking Services Glen Sicard. This project includes the temporary closure of Kendrick Road.

?The entire road is collapsing and it needs repair,? Sicard said. ?Eventually, the entire intersection at Lattimore Road and Kendrick Road will be repaired and straightened out.?

Director of Planning and Project Management Mark Donaldson agrees. ?The existing condition of the Kendrick/Lattimore roads has deteriorated to the point that the road has exceeded its useful life,? he said.

This is phase one of a four phase project that will include a redesign of the pedestrian crossing at Crittenden and Lattimore, relocation of the entrance into Parking Lot 1 and addition of a recreation path adjacent to Kendrick and Lattimore Roads from the Canal Trail to the Genesee River Walk. This project is funded and managed by the city of Rochester.

The work on Kendrick will include the complete demolition of the existing roadway, and reconstruction of new subcourse, new pavement, new curbs and catchbasins, said Donaldson. The Lattimore/Kendrick intersection will also be demolished and reconstructed to eliminate the confusing directional markers and eliminate the traffic signals.

A new trail system will be constructed to run parallel to Kendrick and Lattimore, and link the Canal trail system with the Genessee River trail system.

Parking services plans to coordinate parking detours and to post announcements of changes in parking and transportation services as details become available.

Students living in the Graduate Living Center will have to access GLC by East River Road or via Westmoreland Road. The campus buses will have to go around the block via Castleman to Lattimore.

?The potholes alone seem to be enough to cause damage to tires, and maybe even to the alignment of cars,? junior Ashley Edwards said. ?The parking lot in GLC was, and is, in desperate need of repair; shoddy workmanship and quick fixes in the past have done nothing to prevent large potholes from forming in the lot.?

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