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‘The afterlife of slavery’: Historian lectures on Boko Haram, slavery, Islamic theology

Dr. Abdulbasit Kassim gave a guest lecture Wednesday on the history and colonial context of Boko Haram's pro-slavery ideology.

Plans for Third New Religious Center Announced

A third center will now be joining their ranks — a building to facilitate the practice of the Harga.

Alumni-funded religious centers to be built in place of Hoeing and Gilbert tree stumps

The three large remaining tree stumps mark where the Greenbaum Center for Jewish Life, the Catholic Newman Center Building, and the Harga Flower Center are to be built.

Town hall refreshes debate over faith-based projects

In light of the Stop the Build protests, Runner confirmed that construction of the faith-based projects will continue as planned.

I’m religious, not perfect

I realized that I could never live in perfect accordance with the expectations that Christianity laid out for me.

Physics prof reconciles ideas of science and religion

Syracuse University physics professor Peter Saulson spoke on how he integrates the ideas of religion and science this Saturday at…