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“Madame Web” (2024) review: A web of confusion

"Madame Web" was better than "Morbius" but still laughably bad. If you’re looking for a date-night movie, stay out of the spider’s web.

Guardians of the Galaxy: Volume 3 – Alright, Marvel. Alright.

It looks impressive compared to other modern Marvel movies, as the bar is too low for adequate films to fail.

Eternals’ pain on the critic’s mind

The writers really expected us to care about heroes that we just met and are only given short scenes to get to know.  There are literally 10 characters in the Eternals, and none of them are prioritized over the end of the world story where *SPOILER ALERT* the world doesn’t end.

‘Shang-Chi’ serves comedy of the worst kind

“Shang-Chi” is a waste of time. The writers thought they were making some drama regarding intergenerational conflict, accepting your past, and unhealthy obsessions. But if you really want to explore these themes, just watch Yasujiro Ozu films, because the “Shang-Chi” writers treat these topics with a severe lack of sensitivity.

“Endgame” matters, whether you like it or not (I did)

“Avengers: Endgame” succeeds as a “Marvel movie” more than as a “movie” in the general sense. I don’t mean to…

Is My Hero Academia the Japanese Marvel?

Perhaps the most well-known superhero franchise is the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The influences of the American superhero culture have spread…

The amazing Spider-Verse: A review

Spider-Man is one of the most complex, nuanced, and effective characters in comics. I’m a pretty serious Marvel fan, and…

What Stan Lee really gave us

We can sling words about Grandpa Marvel all day ― visionary, salesman, genius, liar. But everyone agrees the artistic world…

Should Wakanda share its Vibranium? Just ask UR Debate Union

Ethics, racism, colonialism, and culture shock were all discussed by UR Debate Union through the scope of the hit Marvel…