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A look into 2023 sorority recruitment

Recruitment is a time of both confusion and excitement, both from those who choose to rush and those who do not, but this period also included learning and adjustment on the sides of Panhellenic executive members and sisters participating in running recruitment as well.

Which sorority recruitment is right for you?

It wasn’t until I saw the Panhellenic Instagram page post about continuous open bidding in the fall that I realized I still had a chance to join a sorority.

The issue with UR’s Greek life housing

That was when I found out that sororities at UR don’t get houses — only the fraternities do.

To protest sexual violence and Title IX office, College Feminists “Take Back the Night”

UR College Feminists marched through Fraternity Quad on Thursday to raise awareness around sexual violence and protest UR’s Title IX office.

The “P” in PC culture is not “promotion”

With no activism to reinforce the support specifically being mentioned in their post, that support is hypothetical at best.

COVID-19 variants to form new fraternity

COVID Delta Lambda hopes to change the college experience for anyone attempting to get an education in the next decade (or eternity).

A comprehensive breakdown of Greek life dues

Greek life generally promises benefits such as scholarship opportunities, networking help, and leadership opportunities. However, besides these benefits, what exactly do you pay for?

The drinking age has kept speakeasies around

Perhaps the most important source of power for fraternities is alcohol.
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Chi Omega undergoes mass disaffiliation

73% of the sorority Chi Omega has decided disaffiliation is the best method to fix their organization.

Letter to the editor clarifying dry frats

A recent opinion piece for the Campus Times acknowledged changes to alcohol policies at the national level that impact the…