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Daddy dearest: a taxonomy of lifelong hurt

Living a life watching my father hurt me and my mother has made me think that women are born to suffer and we live to endure.

On the wanderings of the mind at family gatherings

There is no way of knowing what someone is really doing in there, just as there is no way of knowing what someone is really thinking. It is for the best, really, that we do not know either.

On going home

Being home really is a double-edged sword.

Clothing and you

I never had the chance to meet Marie, but to me, this crewneck reminds me of her legacy.


Perhaps it is love that equips us with an unknown strength and resilience, guiding the path to fighting away our greatest fears.

An ode to my relationship with my mother

With her infectious smile and confident attitude, my mom managed to turn every gloomy morning of mine into a better day.

Dear mom and dad: love is not enough

I need my parents to like me. I think everyone does. For so long, because they did not like me, I did not like myself.

Learning to say “I love you”

Grief is a fickle thing. One second, you feel fine, and the next it pierces the fibers of your soul with such precision you don’t know if you’re terrified or grateful of the feelings it elicits.

How to survive Thanksgiving with your family

At family gatherings, chaos is not a question of if but when. So how can you survive it?

The smells of cigarettes and alcohol

I never believed my parents to be addicts. Or maybe I did notice, but it never seemed wrong.