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A chat with engineers on the engineering superiority complex

Complaining to a friend about your upcoming philosophy paper due? Well, actually, shut up, because listen, they’re an engineer, and they’ve probably spent more hours of their lives on their weekly problem sets than you have sleeping.

UR Baja SAE challenges students to design and race off-road vehicles

UR Baja SAE is a student organization on campus that designs, manufactures, assembles, analyzes, and then races a single-seat off-road vehicle.

UR Professor Ranga Dias has brought the world one step closer to hoverboards and magnetic levitation trains

Superconductors have been around since the beginning of the 20th century and scientists have been working for years to bring them up to room temperature. In the last five years, Dias and his team have advanced that research significantly.

Research at Rochester: Jerotich explores how heat works at the nanoscale

Jerotich currently works in the Pickel Lab, where she collaborates with other undergraduates and graduate students to address fundamental problems in heat transfer at the nanoscale using numerical and experimental methods. Heat transfer is the study of how thermal energy moves through systems. 

Workshop inspires ingenuity in local girls

The breakout sessions, designed for educative amusement, featured a mechanical engineering lab that involved making a rocket with Coke and mentos, an optics lesson on why stars twinkle, a chemical engineering lesson on making solar cells with berry juice, and more.