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Blueberries, otherwise known as canned peaches.

In beautiful, all-caps Times New Roman, there it is, between “OVERNIGHT OATS” and “GREEK YOGURT.” In all of its glory, “BLUEBERRIES.”

Dougie? Douggie? Duggy? Does it matter?

Douglass Commons and its resident dining hall, both in reference to the historical figure Frederick Douglass, do not have two g’s.

What else did Frederick Douglass and MLK think?

Before their deaths, and in parallel with their direct efforts at social justice, both men pushed for thorough economic policy measures as well.

CT Eats: Douggie

I found some real delicacies there, and I’m honestly impressed... that I’ve been eating the same three things without ending up comatose.

Progress at my expense: Anthony, Douglass, and me

In this city that once housed crusaders of two valiant fights, neither had fought for me.

Heroic Late Night Doug worker goes another weekend without killing any students

“God has abandoned Late Night, that’s for sure. He’s off the clock for those hours.”

Douglass doors demand deliverance

“THIS DOOR MUST REMAIN CLOSED AT ALL TIMES,” the sign read. But did anyone ever ask the door what it thought about that?

Dining lauded for creative seating solution

When there were too few seats in the newly remodeled Douglass Dining Hall, Dining Services came up with a novel solution for modulating the number of students at each meal.

Douglass upstairs unveiled

The newly renovated Frederick Douglass Building was officially dedicated as the Burgett Intercultural Center last Friday.

Don’t close Douglass and hold classes

Don’t give yourself such a terrible class schedule, don’t get the unlimited swipes plan, and never trust the Rochester weather.