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Former president of CSA removed from club entirely after comment on Chinese government

Hao stressed that he respected CSA’s decision, and held no ill will towards the group. "CSA has the right to do whatever they want to do," he wrote. "I do not want to judge anyone here."

The painted tunnel provides a primer in dialogue

The painted tunnel has become a platform for sociopolitical messaging. And it shows us how — and how not — to engage in a dialogue. 

Painting war brings international controversy to tunnel

Messages hailed Hong Kong’s pro-democracy movement, asserted Tibet and Taiwan's autonomy, and called for an end to human rights violations against Uighurs. 
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CSA holds annual singing competition

Chinese Students’ Association (CSA) held a singing competition this Saturday. Called the Voice of Rochester, it gave students the opportunity…

CSA president drops appeal against College Republicans

The move effectively ends the student government conflict between College Republicans and CSA.

Unpacking Starbucks: Identities behind the Tibet-event fallout

Students — Tibetan, Chinese and others — were beginning to feel unsafe and targeted. Some had stopped going to class. Others were having nightmares. 

College Republicans steps back, Tibet-event instigator pursues investigation

A day before the withdrawal, sophomore Yifan Xu submitted a letter of intent calling for a Student Code of Conduct investigation of College Republicans.

On Tibet (and everything) avoid profiling

Discourse about this issue is important, even welcome. But you need to be civil, open-minded, and humble. Not being racist helps.

CSA and College Republicans go to SA over Tibet and Uighur dispute

The president of UR’s Chinese Students’ Association (CSA) submitted a letter of intent to student government 's All-Campus Judicial Council…
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Food, games, and poster board at China Expo in Hirst

Mooncakes, calligraphy, and traditional games were among the offerings by stations at the Chinese Students’ Association’s (CSA) annual China Expo,…