Liv on the Edge

Liv on the Edge: Spotify Wrapped, 2021, and me

All of these moments, which slipped through my fingers like tiny grains of sand, are accounted for in my Spotify Wrapped playlist.

Liv on the Edge: Exploring the origins and effects of camp

Sontag says that to write about camp is to betray it. You have to see it, to experience it, in order to understand what it means. Still, the best definition I can find is one she wrote herself.

Liv on the Edge: Liv’s guide to cleaning your room

To help others who may be struggling with this conundrum — my fellow Sisyphuses — I have compiled a list of ways to get started.

Liv on the Edge: Halloween movies for your inner child

Here's a list of Halloween movies for your inner child — movies that I adored as a child, movies that I wish I would’ve seen as a child, or movies to make you feel like a child once more.

Liv on the Edge: America, a lexicon of fashion and failure

The United States is and always has been fraught with extreme political and social turbulence — I expected celebrity attendees of an American-themed gala to reflect this more than they did.

Liv on the Edge: ‘A Little Life’ broke my little heart

“A Little Life” is about childhood, and about adulthood, and addiction, and sexual abuse, and love, and, of course, life itself.

Liv on the Edge: Have a Great Summer?

Slowly but surely, things in Rochester are crawling back to some semblance of normalcy. Come September, this city will feel entirely different. 

Liv on the Edge: The evolution of frog culture, from Pepe to cottagecore

This week, as we approach the last month of spring, I thought I’d talk about frogs.

Liv on the Edge: The return of Y2K and the effect of the media machine

The resurgence of the early 2000s in the past few years has illuminated the detrimental effects of the tabloid decade, but such behavior doesn’t stop there.

Liv on the Edge: Meghan and Diana

Fans of Meghan Markle have been drawing comparisons between her interview with Oprah and the one Princess Diana gave in 1995 with BBC journalist Martin Bashir.