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Invasive lanternfly arrives in Rochester: see it, squish it, report it

The spotted lanternfly, an invasive bug species native to southeast Asia, has been spotted in Rochester, according to the New…

CT Views: Todd Theatre’s “Orlando”

“Orlando” may be the second most campy thing to hit campus — falling just short of Sigma Delta Tau’s annual Mr. UofR pageant.

SA IMPACT 2.0 aims to highlight student concerns on campus

SA's official petitioning website relaunched earlier this month and will continue to serve as a hub for student concerns.

Thousands of CMC mailboxes to be eliminated; making way for new package locker

Due to limited space in the Campus Mail Center, the expansion will require “the elimination of 2,630 traditional mailboxes."

COVID cases rise again across campus this fall

As students return to campuses nationwide for the fall semester, COVID-19 cases are on the rise across the U.S. —…

University professor sees second paper retracted under accusations of data fabrication

The data from the 2021 PRL publication bears striking resemblances to Dias' own PhD thesis, which was completed in 2013.

University removes meal plan Option D

In accordance with new federal regulations concerning food and housing costs, the University will be removing meal plan Option D…

Pyskaty/Bader-Gregory ticket wins SA presidency

Sophomore Daniel Pyskaty, former SA Senator and Chair of the Academic Affairs Committee, will be next year’s SA President, succeeding…

Administration to dissolve CT in favor of AI

The new age of the CT will rely solely on artificially generated content to meet the needs of the student body.

Town hall refreshes debate over faith-based projects

In light of the Stop the Build protests, Runner confirmed that construction of the faith-based projects will continue as planned.