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A caged rat’s guide to surviving social distancing

Wow, man. This is something almost none of us could have foreseen. Okay, there was definitely someone who called it…

Impeaching Donald Trump is not about Donald Trump

The impeachment of Donald Trump is important objectively and historically, regardless of political alignment, and should be taken seriously.

You’re so loud. I’m trying to pay attention. 

We (and the government) pay a lot of money to ignore someone significantly more experienced than us, in classes we picked, for hours every week. 

We need fratiquette

Just because it’s a frat doesn’t mean it’s a barn, or that you suddenly live there because you’re drunk.

Halloween needs more men in crop tops

Satisfaction in the self can only come from experimentation and being allowed to express your style the way you want to.

I hate chocolate ice cream.

And you should tell me why I’m wrong. There is nothing more satisfying than to hear the words “I was…