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What do you want to get out of college?

I am definitely not saying that you should throw your GPA out the window and go paint all day, but do things with intent.

The rise and fall of the BlackBerry dynasty

The true main appeal of the BlackBerry phones to teenagers, like anything else, was that their friends had one. Even as a pre-teen myself, I had this constant fear of missing out on joining friend groups and conversations that only took place on the coveted and exclusive BBM.

Wordle: back to basics

What started as a romantic gift didn’t just evolve into one of the most-popular games on the Internet, but managed to remind people of the beauty in simplicity.

The Good, The Bad, and the Meta

More than anything else, I believe that people in the middle of a 2-year-long (and counting) pandemic are simply desperate to feel a physical human connection again.
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Tick Tick Boom: Don’t fear the passing of time

My message to those of us who are still trying to figure out their true place in life is to pursue what you know you want to do instead of what society tells you to pursue.