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Asian-American identities examined at AAA discussion

Students dove into topics such as language, interracial individuals, and cultural upbringing.

Investigative journalist warns students of Trump’s era

“There is serious attempt by Trump’s administration to quash the American investigative journalism,” said Johnston, who came to public attention last year for releasing the partial 2005 tax returns of President Trump.

Trebellious and the Midnight Ramblers compete at ICCA semifinals

UR a cappella groups Trebellious and the Midnight Ramblers competed at the 2018 International Championship of Collegiate A Cappella Centra…

Alumnus discusses the cost of being black in America

“Why are people of color in America unable to accumulate wealth and pass it on to further generations?” asked Rochester, referring to how African-Americans own only about 2 percent of American wealth.

Language Center’s first-ever trivia night brings students together

Some of the more difficult questions asked contestants to identify the language of the renowned track “Hakuna Matata" from the Disney movie “The Lion King.” In addition, they were asked the translation of René Descartes’ famous statement, "Cogito, ergo sum.”

Language Center showcases the French culture through crepe making

Although crepes were highlighted as the main dish of the event, the actual star of the show was the French language itself.

‘Les Enfants Terribles’ tells a twisted tale

In a small, intimate “black box” theater at Eastman School of Music, Philip Glass’ opera “Les Enfants Terribles,” based on…

Maria Hinojosa delivers MLK address

Hinojosa said the biggest reason for racism in America today is fear. Specifically, the fear of people and their unfamiliarity with the rest of the world.