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Too young; too old: a case of junioritis

The pressure of simultaneously planning the future while managing the present can cause serious stress for juniors.

CT Recommends: 'Bossypants'

This hilarious and to-the-point memoir by Tina Fey not only describes the ups and downs of her acting career, but also her life as a child and now as a mother of two young. Warning: If you read this book, you will laugh, so make sure to find yourself a quiet corner!

NJR travels back to the 1950s for ‘American Bandstand’ show

No Jackets Required (NJR) took inspiration from the 1950s in their “American Bandstand” show on Friday.

CT Recommends "Something Missing"

How do you describe a well-written novel about an OCD thief who interferes with the lives of people from whom…

Cutting down those abbrevs in vocab

Drue Sokol, a CT Photo Editor, takes a look at abbreviated words in everyday syntax.

‘How I Met Your Mother’ gets serious

Everyone has a favorite TV show — mine is “How I Met Your Mother.” The show’s quick wit and hilarious (though sometimes predictable) plotlines made me initially fall in love