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Halloween scare causes confusion

All hell breaks loose when one female student decides to actually where something scary on Hallween.

UR Security plans to 'Lock N' Load' for the Winter

In light of recent security incidents on campus, the URSOA (The UR Security Officers Association) is campaigning to increase their funding and equipment, in an attempt to officially be taken seriously on campus.

Make 'em laugh: A safer way home

After a lengthy discussion with Parking and Transportation Services this Wednesday, the Committee of Alternative Modes of Transportation (CAMT) received authorization to begin construction on the elaborate zip-line project. The 2,148 foot steel cable will stretch from the top of Rush Rhees Library on the River Campus to the front door of Building A in the extremely inconvenient multi-trillion dollar off-campus housing complex of Riverview Apartments.

Satire in the CT: Missing freshman found after week in W.C.

Timothy “Little Timmy” Garvey was found last Thursday after accidentally spending his entire freshman orientation lost in Wilson Commons. “I…