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Closing the gap of long distance relationships

[caption id="attachment_17186" align="alignright" width="300" caption="Courtesy of"][/caption] Relationships are not all about sex. I know that’s a strange start to…

Hartnett Gallery connects UR to nationwide art

Club spotlight on the student-run art gallery on campus.

Shack-a-thon: Garnering support for Habitat for Humanity

Experiencing homelessness in the first annual Shack-a-thon.

Imagine a time when Towers was an experiment

For students at UR, the dormitory is a place of refuge, even a home away from home. Our suitemates become family, while our roommates can become our best friends. But there was a time at UR when the dorm wasn’t just a home — instead, it functioned more as a psychological and social experiment.

The inevitable future

A senior at UR provides thoughts of examining the future.

Mariachi music mixes with marital merriment

[caption id="attachment_16091" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="Courtesy of Zamantha Lopez Aldaco"][/caption] Music at UR usually evokes images of the Eastman School of…

Are you a poor college student?

[caption id="attachment_15813" align="alignleft" width="200" caption="College students need to pinch pennies to get by"][/caption] It’s no secret that most college students…

Mid-semester review of the SA

It’s midterm season, not only politically but also in the semester, and the Students’ Association President and Vice President have…

Athlete of the week R.J. Napodano

While the football season is coming to a close, UR is not giving up just yet — particularly senior wide…