College students need to pinch pennies to get by

It’s no secret that most college students eat Ramen noodles and Spaghetti O’s every night because, well, they can’t afford anything else. After years of practicing life at college, I’ve compiled a few other tell-tale signs of being a fiscally disadvantaged college student.

1. When choosing between two restaurants, say, a nice restaurant like Biaggi’s or a cheaper alternative like the Olive Garden, you will pick the Olive Garden every time.

Four words: Never Ending Pasta Bowl.

As a poor college student, you can’t beat that amount of food for that kind of price.

The multitude of combinations, paired with as many garlic bread sticks as you want, is almost as good a deal as the luxury of an Unlimited meal plan.

2.  You’ll stand in line for hours to get something free.

Just think back to this past Yellowjacket Weekend and how you got in line an hour early to get your free “Feel the Sting” T-shirt. Repeat the process for food, concert tickets and pretty much anything else that you may or may not have any need for.

3.  That free Yellowjacket T-shirt becomes your week-long attire because laundry now costs $2.50 to wash and dry.

And less laundry means less water and soap used. We’re a green campus, right?

4.  You repeatedly pretend that you’re a freshman to get free food during Orientation.

The tangible awkwardness in the air surrounding Freshman Orientation is no deterrent for you, as long as there’s free pizza involved. Also, are you noticing the free trend?

5. You’re willing to inject a radioactive substance into your veins to make $50.

As a poor college student, your pockets are probably lined with those little slips of paper with e-mail addresses and phone numbers to contact studies that are being conducted on campus.

The dollar sign catches your eye on every flier, and even a little radioactivity doesn’t sound so bad if they’re willing to pay. Hey, it worked for Spiderman.

6. You join a club for the free printer use.

At the Activities Fair you weren’t concerned with whether or not the club was fun or if the members were friendly. Instead, your frequently asked question was whether or not they had access to a printer that so you didn’t have to dip into your URos account to use.

Olfano is a member of

the class of 2012.

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