Brian Ly
Humor Editor
Class of 2027

Articles by Brian

Where’s Waldo? Inside of us all along.

Flipping through the next few pages, I spent less time finding Waldo. I was only thrown off when they added red herrings.

The solution to all of your problems

I feel the adrenaline coursing through my veins, giving me the power of 10 elephants. With one vitamin gummy, I can lift cars.

5 a.m. deliriousness

Out of 10 games of chance, I would always lose at least nine. The few games I did win were always won because the other players pitied me. 

Did you hear a bird today?

Every morning, I wake up early and run around campus, chirping loud enough so people would be able to hear me, even deep in their sleep.

The PumpKing

Ready to take the pumpkin out on a walk, we looked for it within our lounge. But it wasn’t there. Had someone taken it?

Go To Sleep, UR!

“Hat Man appeared within the intersection of reality and imagination, in the world between sleepiness and wakefulness.” 

Libraries out of calculators, students turn to the dark arts

In replacement of the calculators, the libraries have begun to hand out abacuses to students, and offering lessons on how to use them. 

I’ve had enough of the PDA in Gleason!

I’m tired of trying to do work while the couples next to me flirt at each other without a care in the world. There is no coolness in that.

For all the fanfare: a reflection on SA elections

Student elections tend to end up as popularity contests.