Upcoming changes to shuttle service will require riders to swipe their ID cards to enter the shuttle, according to the University’s Director of Transportation and Parking Jim Chodak.

As of Feb. 1, all shuttle lines will require riders to swipe their ID cards to enter the shuttle, except for the employee-only Scottsville remote lot shuttle, and event charter shuttles. The ID card readers have been installed as of the end of last week, and the University intends to put out communications about the changes soon.

The University has said it will “be very flexible during the month of February” with regards to the swiping. The new swiping system will allow the University to collect ridership data for future shuttle and shuttle line improvements, according to Chodak. 

“The data collected will help us analyze the supply and demand of parking and transportation on our campuses, and will inform the current and future transportation needs of the University community,” he said.

Future plans for transportation services were also announced at the Students’ Association (SA) meeting this past Monday. First-year Senator Elijah Bader-Gregory announced that the University has begun developing a proposal for a long-term parking and transportation master plan, although specifics have yet to be formalized. References were also made about a possible return of a Regional Transit Service (RTS) stop behind Rush Rhees.

He mentioned that, although the previous RTS stop was well-used, a complete change and reconstruction of the RTS line map city-wide caused its dissolution. However, Chodak declined the idea of a returning RTS stop. “We work closely with RTS, but at this time we do not have an update on any new bus line proposals,” he said.

Nevertheless, Senator Bader-Gregory encourages students to speak up and let their voices be heard, especially in regards to the University’s future plans. “With any ideas or concerns, please feel free to come to Senate or contact me, and I can pass on the word,” he said. “Petitions are also great too!”

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