The Art NY program, which gives UR students the opportunity to take arts-related internships in New York City for a semester, recently held its Spring 2022 cohort’s reception and an info session in Frontispace at the Art and Music Library. 

“It’s part work, part study — we work specifically to get the internship to match with your interests,” faculty director Heather Layton said. “Everything, from if you are a biomedical engineering student or interested in fashion design, dance, business, game design, or anything else not in the arts, are taken into account and matched up with places in the art world to give [students] experiences in their professional degree, as well as an understanding New York City art world.”

Run by the Department of Art and Art History, students receive a total of 16 credits for their Art New York semester in the spring — eight for the internship, and four each for a colloquium about the intellectual framework of the NYC art scene and a studio course utilizing city resources for creative production — and are given advice on resume creation and interviewing skills throughout the fall.

“Our Friday afternoon class meets in a different place in the city every single week […] we work with the immigrant experience, tenement museum, and all different places and spaces that you might not get to if you’re just visiting New York City as a tourist,” Art NY Program Manager Megan Mette said.

The students, of whom range from studies in Environmental Science to Art History, had equally various displays at the Frontispace gallery, from bookmaking showcases to photography to a fully-produced song.

“Art New York is very malleable,” senior Angelica Aranda said. “I had my first real internship at an art gallery in Chelsea, and you learn how to not only artistically but professionally sell yourself, which is extremely important.”

While the UR Art NY cohort for Spring 2023 has been selected, students interested in the program are encouraged to apply for Spring 2024 through the program website. Applications will open in February 2023.

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