In an act of shameless self-promotion, the Campus Times has distributed hundreds of CT stickers to the public over the past couple weeks. As a result, you may have seen the rectangular Campus Times and the circular Reporter Rocky on various water bottles, instrument cases, and laptops. However, here at UR, in an effort to be ever better and ever quirkier, several students have asked how to make this new merch really shine. Thus, here are a couple ideas on how to rep the CT brand (but not like all those other stickerers).

  1.   Redact classified information.
    Are you secretly working for admin under everyone’s noses and need to cover up a scandal or two? Do you have any notes you need to edit in order to comply with the academic honesty policy? Are you too lazy (or too broke) for some Wite-Out? The rectangular stickers are preferred for this option, but the circular ones could suffice if you do it correctly.

  2. Nipple coverings.
    Did you sign up for a workout at the GAC and then completely forget to go? If you opt for the outdoors to get in your cardio, the CT stickers could come in clutch to battle Rochester’s cold weather. Harness your inner marathon runner, and remember: CT is not responsible for any bodily harm that comes as a result of the application or removal of any CT-affiliated merchandise. However, maybe the pain of ripping the adhesive from your skin is a part of “doing things just to feel something” after midterms. If you want a similar experience with less pain, think about attempting to use the CT stickers as mediocre waxing strips.
  3. Camera blockers.
    We’ve all been in Zoom rooms relentlessly for nearly a year now, but there is always the offhand chance that a professor or peer could ask you to turn on your video for a number of reasons. As a way to prove your camera is “broken,” pasting a CT sticker over the lens temporarily could do the trick, so you can return to lounging in the most visually unflattering positions possible during your lectures. The FBI agent in your laptop might not be too pleased, but sometimes you have to make sacrifices in order to eat in peace.

  4.  Bumper stickers.
    If you’re lucky enough to have a car on campus, think about getting some mileage with your new merch! Not only are you promoting farther and wider than your standard student, but you can finally cover up those Life is Good make-your-own-family bumper stickers that your parents slapped on the back of your ride in 2008.

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