Social distancing screams Netflix marathons and endless scrolling through social media, which can become boring, and mindless, after a while. So we asked our fellow CT staffers what they’ve been up to during their extended spring break. Unfortunately, everyone is living apart and nobody could get photos of each other, so we decided to keep things textual.

Lumi Schildkraut (Senior Staff, senior): “Ive gone out a couple times for hikes with my dad. We’ve chosen more remote/less travelled locations to try and increase social distancing. Its pretty fun and relaxing and has been a great way to exercise, enjoy nature, and cope with everything else going on.”

Hailie Higgins (Opinions Editor, sophomore): “I’ve taken to candle making. Did you know you can buy five pounds of candle wax and 100 wicks on amazon for 23 dollars? I’ve also spent a lot of time baking — mostly sweet things, but I want to try baking bread soon. My hobbies are kind of making me feel like I’m living on a farm in the 1800s, but hey, it’s more fun than feeling like I’m living through a pandemic in 2020.”

Corey Miller-Williams (News Editor, first-year): “I just got back home, so I’m still getting unpacked. I’ve been spending some time with my family and my dogs. Other than that I’ve been rewatching ‘Black Mirror’ (the episodes that don’t give me nightmares) and trying to get some homework done.”

Henry Litsky (Photo Editor & Video Chief, first-year): I have actually done a lot during my quarantine. I went on multiple hikes, went biking, golfed with my dad, played Monopoly with my family (and lost multiple times), and logged 32 hours into improving my city in ‘Cities: Skylines.’”

An Nguyen (Publisher, sophomore): “As things have become increasingly virtual and online, I’ve started writing tons of letters to all my friends and loved ones. My other ways to pass the time while social distancing: knitting and lying in bed contemplating how lazy I am.”

Jane Pritchard (Illustrations editor, sophomore): “Doom Eternal is a super fun way to pass the time — after a gaming session, I’m usually pretty inspired from pretending I’m a giant space marine who kills demons so I’ll do some home workouts. I’ve also been reading some Arthurian romances so I don’t forget how to read but it isn’t great when you haven’t interacted face-to-face with people in days and yowe starte talkynge lyke þis.” 

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