The Campus Times is providing information specifically regarding the Eastman School of Music’s campus services for this semester. This article will be updated as we receive more information. All relevant updates will be on this page, and will be time-stamped.


Residential Life Services [Last updated March 13, 11:15 p.m.]

The following information was obtained from Eastman’s COVID-19 updates webpage.

  • On March 16 and March 17, Monday and Tuesday, Eastman’s Student Living Center will be open.
  • Students are urged not to return to campus or to off-campus housing in Rochester after spring break.
  • Students who stay in off-campus local housing are asked to fill out a student survey for the school.
  • Students wishing to stay in the Student Living Center must be approved by Assistant Dean of Student Affairs Robert Bones.
  • Room and board will be prorated for students who remain or move to their home for the semester.
  • “Students should not make any plans to sign off-campus leases for the fall 2020 semester,” Eastman’s COVID-19 update webpage says, “without being released from their housing requirements.”


Dining Services [Last updated March 13, 11:15 p.m.]

Details of the changes to Dining Services are still being worked out, but members of the community can expect large deviations from normal functioning, according to an email to CT from Cam Schauf, Director of Dining Services. 

  • The Dining Services operations will be similar to spring break operations. The full schedule for March 15 through March 21 was posted Thursday:

  • There is currently no limit to the number of people allowed in a Dining Hall at once, but seating arrangements might be modified to reflect social distancing efforts. 
  • Dining Services is following protocols for continuous cleaning and sanitizing of food contact surfaces, and other protocols outlined by the CDC and local health authorities. Additionally, by Monday, all utensils will be individually wrapped, and students will not be able to serve themselves food, unless the food is also individually wrapped. 
  • For all Dining Services workers, including students, there is no clear plan yet for how the changes will affect work hours and compensation. 


Libraries [Last updated March 13, 11:15 p.m.]

Starting on Saturday, March 14 until further notice, most UR libraries will have reduced hours or be closed, according to contacts from Sibley Music Library. Hours may be adjusted in the future as the situation changes.

  • Sibley will be closed Saturday and Sunday, March 14 and 15, with irregular hours the following Monday through Friday (10 a.m. to 3 p.m.). The following Saturday and Sunday, hours will be changed to 1 p.m. to 3 p.m. The Sibley Music Library Facebook page will provide new information on further changes as they come.


University Health Services  [Last updated March 13, 11:15 p.m.]

  • Starting Sunday, March 15, UHS hours of operation will continue with no changes for all offices (River Campus, the UR Medical Center, and Eastman), wrote Michelle Livingston, Executive Assistant to the Director of University Health Services, in an email to CT. But, Livingston noted, this is subject to change as the situation develops. 
  • There will still be an on-call physician who can be contacted after hours through 585-275-2662. Full descriptions of hours and other information regarding UHS and coronavirus can be found here.
  • University Counseling Center (UCC) will remain open according to their normal operating hours — 8:30 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday through Thursday, and 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. Friday — according to the UCC website.
  • People remaining in the Rochester area can start or continue in-person sessions at UCC.
  • Existing therapy groups will continue to meet for the week of March 16, when they will decide what to do for the rest of the semester. 
  • Existing UCC clients not in the Rochester area will be contacted by their therapist to discuss options and resources, but all scheduled appointments will take place unless a student contacts UCC to cancel or they do not show up. 
  • Students in quarantine or isolation at the University will have access to telehealth options. 


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