We’ve already done our own alternative Oscars, and none of us are going to watch the awards show anyway, so instead we decided to give awards to UR’s showers. 

Best Privacy: Genesee

You can’t beat a two-year-old building. The individual all-gender pod bathrooms give you all the private space you could need. The showers could be a bit wider, but when you reap the benefits of residing in the nicest, newest, air-conditioned dorm on campus, you really can’t complain. 

However, because the bathrooms are private, students sometimes take the opportunity to, uh, indulge. Knocking is wise.

Best Decor: Riverview

Nice place, bad showers. Simply having a bathroom all to yourself is a privilege, and to some, it might be worth the drawbacks. But the bottom line is that Riverview showers run meekly, and remain warm at best even after running for 20 minutes. 

Worst Climate: Gilbert

The bathrooms are too hot. You come out of the shower all steamy, yet you can’t ever properly dry off because the whole room is so humidhas so much humidity. And scuttling down the chilly corridor back to your room is not a plus.

In Gilbert 2, the water in the middle shower never gets warm enough, and the pressure iswas so low it feels like someone was spitting on you. Also, the disability-accessiblehandicapped shower would regularly flood. Or, it would appear empty and dry, and you’d happily start your shower, only to feel the lukewarm water slowly rise to ankle level. 

Speaking of handicapped showers, it’s very on-brand for UR to have accessible bathrooms in an inaccessible building.

Most Unsolicited Amenities: Lovejoy

The third floor girl’s bathroom has a massive vent that blows air everywhere. Nothing like the feeling of freezing, dirty bathroom air in your face to ruin your post-shower buzz.

This semester, the Lovejoy Hall Council did provide quality, foamy scented soap for each bathroom, which was nice for the two weeks that it lasted. Green apple soap, you will be missed.

Best Reaction Time: Anderson 

According to one Editorial Board member, in the center doubles, the water runs fiery hot for a split second when the elevators run. We don’t believe them. If you’re in the right room, though, you may find redemptive qualities in the flexible water pressure. 

Best Shower: GAC Women’s Pool Shower

This is the nicest, bougiest shower on campus, thanks to stellar water pressure and ample space. For a sweet 20 minutes, you forget you’re even living in a dorm at all. 

The Editorial Board is a weekly Opinions article representing the view of the Campus Times, co-written by Editor-in-Chief Wil Aiken, Publisher An Nguyen, Managing Editor Efua Agyare-Kumi, Features Editor Abhishek Makhun and Opinions Editor Hailie Higgins.

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