For those who were too busy with studying and the like to make it to the Winterfest activities last weekend, the Campus Times has assembled a visual guide to the fun. 

On the Wilson Quad, students made s’mores from pre-packaged kits, containing two graham crackers, a marshmallow, and chocolate.

Students in Hirst Lounge lined up to get small bamboo plants. “I already have a bamboo plant in my room,” said first-year Mark Barrera. “So this will be its sibling.”

An ice sculptor begins work outside of Wilson Commons.

SA President and senior Jamal Holtz rides a mechanical reindeer — which was mistaken by some for a moose or a camel — in Feldman Ballroom.

Also in Feldman Ballroom, students could stuff and sew their own stuffed animals. “I’ve always liked the variety they have,” said senior Steven Spiewak, who was holding a white bear. He later commented to another senior holding a brown bunny, “Freshman year they had a penguin. I still think that’s the best one.”

On the other side of Feldman, local musician Kofi Lost performs with junior Alexa Silverman of the UR-student band The Recall. Silverman called their performances a “nice way to escape the grind.”

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