September started off with a few scares for the Campus Times editorial staff. Due to outside unforeseen forces, we were down a Managing Editor, a Photo Editor, and an Illustrations editor. 

Although we found replacements, our commitment to delivering the content that our readers expected never swayed. 

As the semester went on, we eventually found excellent staffers for those positions, and more. 

That’s because we added two Social Media Editors and a Video Chief this semester. These additions have allowed us to expand the way we tell stories as a paper. 

With the increasing digitalization of journalism, social media has arguably become the best way to inform. We’ve had a Twitter and Instagram for some time now, but they were barely in use. Our two Social Media Editors have been working this semester to share our articles through these platforms to amp up our readership. 

Similarly, videos have become another effective way for journalists to share stories. By electing a Video Chief, we’ve had more time to work on storytelling through that lens. We encourage students to join video staff, as video journalism is a new tool we want to build upon. Staff can help out in the process of storyboarding, shooting, and editing these videos. 

We also added a layout staff this semester. Our switch from weekly print issues to monthly print issues pushed us to appoint a staff dedicated to laying out our print paper. This new system lets us run more efficiently and kept the tradition of print alive. 

Additions to the staff don’t stop there. CT now has a business manager, which will be a major improvement. We have made so much money through advertisements, but that money was not being used to help the CT’s mission. With a business manager, we hope to continue spending money effectively. 

We plan to add an engagement coordinator. At times, there seems to be a gap between writers and editors, which we hope to bridge with this position.

Expanding the CT staff will help us hone in on the areas of improvement we need the most. 

Still, more work needs to be done on beefing up our campus presence. This week, bios of our staff were uploaded on our Facebook to help connect our faces to the paper. A video will be released next year about what really goes on during Sundays at the CT office. More journalism events need to be held, especially right after our general interest meeting, because that’s the best time to reel students in. 

As I sat through elections this past Saturday, I realized two things. One, we have students that are so passionate about journalism, and even though some did not get elected to editorial positions, we need to find ways to keep them involved in the CT. And two, staff-wise, the CT is in good hands. Even when challenges arise, this staff is dedicated and qualified enough to rise to the occasion. 

As I pass the torch to the next publisher, the bar has been raised for the CT’s potential. And I have the utmost faith that next year, that bar will be shattered and there will be a new height to aim for.

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