Hello, adventurers! In an effort to keep you engaged in the city we live in, the Campus Times  has compiled a few hot spots on the UR Green Lines  that you should definitely take advantage of when you need a change of scenery.

Public Market

Public Market has seasonal produce and other products from local businesses at its 280 North Union Street site every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, year-round.

This souped-up farmers market and Rochester staple has numerous stands with fresh produce, soaps, honey, jams, baked goods, popcorn, utensils, and more. If you’re feeling hungry, there are numerous food places and stands you could stop by. My recommendations for the vegans out there would be Juan and Maria’s Empanadas Stop or Hattie’s Delights Cafe. 

Aside from the sights you can find in Public Market, there are also eco-friendly stops nearby that you can visit. These include Sofrito Garden, a luscious community garden, and the Goodwill Donation Center.

Recommendation: The Yards Collective is a small art gallery and studio space located in Public Market, near Flour City Bread Company. It holds local artists’ artwork and has very lively and contemporary decor.

Crittenden/West Henrietta

If you’re tired of The Wok on campus, the Yummy Garden Hot Pot could be your next go-to for Chinese food. Just a few minutes away from the stop, this restaurant offers Chinese fondue, a healthier alternative to stir-fried or deep-fried dishes. They also offer classic thai cuisine. If you like bubble tea, mochi, cream puffs, chocolate mousse, or cheesecake, this is a place you should stop at!

If you’re craving some brick-oven Italian goodness, Mozzeroni’s Pizza & Pasta could be your place. Aside from the obvious pizza and pasta offerings, this place also has crazy creations ranging from the mac and cheese wedges to the Marvalicious Fries. There are also hoagies, salads, and wings if you’re not feeling the cheesy carbs. 

Speaking about wings, Duff’s Famous Wings is the place to visit if you’re missing your local sports bar. They have wings, onion rings, mac and cheese, grilled cheese, sandwiches, burgers, mozzarella sticks, hot dogs, and fried shrimp. If you can handle the spice and are up for the challenge, Duff’s Famous Wings has various sauces that you could try — including their “superhot” sauce and notorious “death” sauce. You can even top off your visit  with the ultimate cookie sundae funnel cake or some merch, like their baseball caps. 

Recommendation: As a college student, eating out at these places can be pretty heavy on the wallet, but Desi Bazaar, a grocery-restaurant hybrid serving South Asian cuisine, takes care of that with its single dollar sign on Google. 

Movies 10

 If you thought Desi Bazaar was accommodating, you’ll be head over heels for this stop. The beloved Movies 10 knows how to win college students over with its cheap tickets.  If you’re feeling peckish after the movie(s) or are considering taking out a special someone to a movie and dinner, Jay’s Diner, Tim Hortons, Arby’s, and Schaller’s are just a short walk away!

Recommendation: If you’re a bubble tea enthusiast, Kung Fu Tea is the perfect spot.  They also sell punch, milk caps, yogurt, slushies, milk strikes, and espressos if you have a friend that doesn’t understand the bubble tea hype. 

Jefferson Plaza

If I had to describe this stop in the fewest words,  it would be “thrifting heaven.” The Jefferson Plaza not only has Goodwill, but also Amvets Thrift Store. Across from this plaza are also Plato’s Closet and Clothes Mentor. Though all of these differ in decor and products, combined they’re a great fit for those who love deals or want to help out the planet by refusing fast fashion and reducing the demand for mass production. 

Jefferson Plaza also has Revolution Karaoke, a destination for all those who enjoy performing in and out of the shower. If you’re looking for food, there’s a variety of places including D.P. Dough and Golden Corral.

Recommendation: Cafe 35 in Jefferson Plaza has an eccentric but warm vibe that welcomes you into the Mediterannean with its decor. The food has more  Turkish roots, and its prices remain low.

Marketplace Mall

The inter-road pond is one of the first sights that signal to Green Line riders that they’ve arrived at the Marketplace Mall.

Aside from the retail stores inside the mall — which are too many to cover— there’s a couple of fun places you can go to destress.

If you don’t have any driving experience and you’ve wanted to know what it’s like to drive, the RPM Raceway could interest you. You could arrive and drive to your heart’s desire — but if you don’t share this craving, then the arcade or billiards might be a better fit for you.

Another option is Glowgolf. Located inside the mall, this little gem can help ease your boredom if you’ve missed one of the shuttles and you’re not in the mood to wait. Glowgolf is exactly what it’s named— golf in the dark with glow-in-the-dark decor. It’s a beautiful experience if you’re into golf. 

If everything else fails, there’s always Dave & Busters. With arcade games, billiards, bowling, virtual reality gaming, and dance revolution, Dave & Busters is a classic if you ever want to spend a couple hours away from the turmoil of college life — or if you just want to spice it up a little. 

Recommendation: If you’re not afraid to spend a little money and treat yourself, the Melting Pot in Marketplace Mall is the perfect place to do so! This gourmet fondue restaurant offers a variety of options for those with a savory or sweet tooth, and provides gluten-free and vegan options!  


The beloved Wegmans is a must if you’re new to Rochester. Wegmans’s selection of food is bountiful, and you’ll probably walk out of there with more groceries than you can carry if you don’t control yourself. 

There are also a few neighboring stores that you can take advantage of if you’re looking for something to spruce up your dorm, like AC Moore, Michaels, Five Below, and HomeGoods. If you’re into sprucing up yourself, you might want to check out Burlington. 

Recommendation: For a “Lady and the Tramp” kind of evening, Bella Pasta Cafe provides an intimate and authentic Italian experience with dishes including veal, seafood, chicken, and beef. There’s also pizza, pasta, and salads for those who aren’t as interested in the full menu. 


Target: our wallet’s worst enemy and our impulse’s best friend. If you go there, you already know you’re going to come out with more than what you intended to buy.  I advise that you utilize this stop wisely — especially since it’s located near Lowes and Best Buy. 

Recommendation: Avoid the temptation. 


When Target fails to have the lowest prices, Walmart has your back, more often than not. Aside from the deals that are always popping up, this Walmart has a Claire’s inside of it, so you can have a little fun reliving your childhood — it wouldn’t hurt to dig yourself into a pink, glitter-infested wonderland if all you’ve been doing is studying for midterms. 

Recommendation: If you cross the street, you will encounter Lasertron, a nook for laser tag, arcade gaming, and cyber sport

Regal Henrietta

While Movies 10 comes in handy with the movies just removed from theatres, Regal Henrietta offers a selection of newly-released movies. If you’re planning on watching a movie or two at Regal Henrietta, and if you want to make sure you’ve eaten beforehand,  walk further down for some food stops. These include Smashburger, Naan-tastic, Pi Craft Pizza, Olive Garden, and B.Good. 

Recommendation: Just a short walk from this stop is Abbot’s Frozen Custard. Aside from frozen custard, Abbot’s offers sundaes, splits, milkshakes, flurries, floats, and ice cream cakes!

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