Senior Brant Crouse of UR Men’s Track & Field is recognized as one of the team’s top runners. At this weekend’s Boston University David Hemery Valentine Invitational, Crouse broke school records in the 200-meter and 400-meter races, with striking times of 22.12 and 48.44.

When did you first become interested in track and field and what made you stick with it?

I first became interested in track and field back in seventh grade, and what kept me going with it, even when I was struggling, were the friends that made me excited to show up every day.

Are your family members/friends good support systems, and if so why?

I would say that my friends have been the key reason that I have been able to stick with track and field. Everyday, they are there for me and help push me through the difficult workouts. Running as a team rather than just for myself has been such a blessing in getting me through the difficult days.

What does it feel like every time your break a previous personal best record?

Well, I am usually hunched over gasping for air after I run my events, but there is always some exhilaration afterwards. Knowing that all of the months of hard work I have put forward are finally coming to fruition is a relief and exciting at the same time.

Do you think you have grown since your freshman year on the team?

I have definitely grown since my freshman year. I came in to the University of Rochester as a freshman that had not ever really ran. It was a little intimidating coming in, but I have gained a lot of confidence since then and really started looking after the younger runners like the older ones looked after me.

What is one meet you will never forget?

One meet I will never forget is the first state title UR Track & Field won. It was a huge team effort where we all had to work together and it was really special. Everybody from freshmen to seniors contributed to that team victory, and I will always hold that day near and dear.

Will you continue track and field post graduation?

Honestly, I don’t know where life will take me. I am definitely planning on keeping in shape, but after college gets out, I don’t know yet what is in store for my future.

What is the last show/movie you watched and was it good?

The last movie I saw was calledCaptain Corelli’s Mandolin,” starring Nicolas Cage. This was shown on our return trip home from Boston this weekend, and I can definitely say this movie is awful. Our team has this strange tradition of watching Nicolas Cage movies on our bus trips, and even if I don’t enjoy all of the movies that get played, I can say that I will miss all of our team traditions and trips after graduation.


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