Cheers to Facilities for their speed in clearing the walkways during and after snowstorms;

Jeers to Grab and Go having confusing and limited hours.


Cheers to our superhuman Starbucks staff;

Jeers to Starbucks seat-stealers.


Cheers to the Community Kitchens in Douglass finally opening for students so they can start to learn how to feed themselves after they leave the University;

Jeers to having to wait for a half and hour outside on the Wilson Quad to get a scarf at Winterfest.


Cheers to Class of 2021 interacting on their Facebook page as we all watch;

Jeers to Gleason rearranging the table configuration to make it seem as if things have changed for the second semester but not actually adding any new tables.


Cheers to the weather gods for making this winter more bearable;

Jeers to having to avoid construction all over campus.


Cheers to the new food items at the Pit like the pepperoni rolls and the mashed potatoes;

Jeers to the mystery crunch rolls with molten centers.


Cheers to W. Kamau Bell for ending racism;

Jeers to Ed Hajim’s monument to narcissism outside of Goergen—kind of weird that he has one while he’s still alive.


Cheers to construction contractors for actually sticking to their schedules pretty well;

Jeers to courses that make you scan written homework and submit it on Blackboard.


Cheers to PAWS providing adorable dogs every month to relieve student stress;

Jeers to everything that causes that aforementioned stress.


Cheers to the workers at Blimpie’s for feeding hordes of hungry students near the dark hours of midnight;

Jeers to the freshman class for never knowing what Old Douglass looked like.


Cheers to the sanitation workers who try to keep our restrooms from becoming toxic waste dumps;

Jeers to the drunk students who work to make that so.


Cheers to Rush Rhees Library for its year-round magnificence

Jeers to Rush Rhees Library for being only thing ever on UR’s Instagram


Cheers to everyone who joined the Campus Times staff this year;

Jeers to every person who left the Campus Time staff this year.


Cheers to the Common Market for providing relatively affordable snacks that satisfy most cravings;

Jeers to the end Christmas tree pretzels sales.


Cheers to the MAG for having interesting and free exhibits for students;

Jeers to the inadequate transportation for students to get to those exhibits or really anywhere else in Rochester.


Cheers to Douglass Dining Hall for improving wait times for food at stations and adding labels to all its food stations;

Jeers to the ratio of bad soups to good soups at Douglass.


Cheers to the jolly man who works at the Kosher Station;

Jeers to the salt and puddles all over campus that ruin perfectly good shoes.


Cheers to Late Night Douglass for offering delicious, sobering food;

Jeers to the alarm that is constantly going off by the entrance to Wilson Commons.

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