A lot of my American friends have been talking about moving to Canada if the big orange dictator with tiny hands wins the next election, but I think there are better destinations out there. The great nation of Africa is one of them.

You might have heard of Africa before, from that National Geographic documentary where lions walk around villages attacking gazelles and wildebeests.

Some of you might have even been fortunate enough to visit a tribe where they told you that you helped save people from Malaria. (You totally didn’t.)

Even if you always thought that Africa was, as Trevor Noah put it, “a dust basin filled with starving people covered in flies,” you can come live with us!

Don’t get me wrong, you’ll still live in a dictatorship, but at least you can post a random Facebook status talking about how life-changing the experience is. Not every day, though. Just whenever internet/electricity is available. It’s just four short years before you can move back home, and you should make the most of them.

Take a selfie with a pet giraffe. Build a mud hut for the homeless. Step away from technology and social media for a while. It’s a great healing process after this crazy campaign season.

Lastly, I strongly encourage you to do more research before you travel. Here’s a hint: Africa is not actually a country, and just because we grew up there, doesn’t mean we had sad or traumatic childhoods. It’s the exact opposite. 

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