Two members of the Students’ Association (SA) Senate have resigned from their positions, adding to the list of SA leaders who have left their posts in the past year.

Junior Katherine Bakrania left her position as deputy speaker of the Senate in the opening weeks of the school year, citing the time commitment required.

“I prioritize school and work over other activities, and SA Gov, while being a really rewarding and awesome experience, is incredibly time-consuming,” she said in an email. “I no longer have the time or ability to give the position everything it needs.”

Bakrania was elected deputy speaker last semester, after classmate Anmol Almast, who had held the role for just weeks, resigned as well.

Senior Chiziterem Onyekwere, elected as a senator last semester, also stepped down recently, but declined to comment for this piece.

Senate is set to elect a new deputy speaker next Monday night in the Gowen Room, and Onyekwere’s seat will be filled soon by the next-highest vote-getter from the spring elections, Speaker of the Senate Lindsay Wrobel said.

That mechanism was established as precedent in an All-Campus Judicial Council case about succession between Almast and the Senate last fall.

Onyekwere’s resignation follows that of fellow senior Samantha Lienert, who left Senate in January to escape what she called at the time a hostile work environment within the SA branch.


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