Cheers to the incoming Class of 2020.

Cheers to the new swingset in the grassy bowl behind Rush Rhees Library;

Jeers to last year’s improper 5K Challenge vetting process—that is, the non-existent one—that brought UR a swingset after the winner was deemed a safety hazard;

Cheers to the new, improved 5K Challenge feasibility vetting process.


Cheers to the Students’ Association (SA) all-gender restroom initiative, which, as of Oct. 2015, had produced 16 more inclusive bathroom facilities, and has plans to produce more;

Jeers to the single-ply toilet paper on campus. C’mon, guys.


A conditional cheers to Evans Lam Square in Rush Rhees Library—the gravitas of wood panelling and self-importance of austere, den-like spaces, like the Great Hall and the Periodical Reading Room, were our preferred moods for the renovated space—which we will give an optimistic chance;

An unequivocal jeers to the old circulation area space, which was in desperate need of a theme and a makeover.


Jeers to that disease-vector of a soda dispenser—the so-called “Pepsi Spire” machine—housed in the Pit that sacrificed efficiency and cleanliness for the gleam of a new device and a few more options. The touch screen could be cleaned more often. (We prefer to think of the old machine, outmoded as it was, as timeless.)


Cheers to the UR Security Commission for tackling the thorny question of guns on campus with ostensible transparency and providing a mouthpiece for those the change affects most—students, for whom UR is home;

Cheers also to those thoughtful students who seek answers, accountability, and due consideration from the Commission, and who are involved—both quietly and loudly—in the process.


Cheers to the new mac-and-cheese bar in the Pit, with its host of new toppings and classic mac and cheese;

Jeers to Wilson Commons referring to the newly-renamed Pit as “the Pit @ Wilson Commons” in its Facebook reveal. We’ve fought a long, hard battle to just call it the Pit.


Cheers to an expanding, growing, improving University;

Jeers to the location of the newest freshman dorm, which will, without a doubt, utterly obliterated the view of Fauver Stadium from the crest of the hill in front of Sue B.


Cheers to the Campus Times’ new production schedule and newly-renovated office;

Jeers to the sting of fresh, unrealized nostalgia.

The crowd went (mildly) wild for Brenda Song’s Yellowjacket Weekend panel

While attendance was low, those who did show up seemed pretty engaged, with many lining up to ask questions during the half hour Q&A portion of the event.

“Celebrity Skin,” celebrity mind: The rise and reign of Doja Cat

To be a celebrity in the public light isn’t to fully exist as yourself: it’s to put on a character. We may not truly know Doja Cat, and we might never.

Stalking people on the Internet? You must be a Certified Bona Fide Journalism Man™!

No, Aunt Petricia, it would not be ethical for me to write an article about your famous beef stew, no matter how many it has inspired.