On Jan. 22, the University of Rochester Women’s Track and Field team produced five ECAC qualifying finishes, as well as two individual first-place finishes at the Houghton College Invitational. Senoir Yvette Igbokwe finished first in the 200 meter run with a time of 26.73 seconds. In 2014, Igbokwe helped the 4x200m relay break a school record at the Bomber Invitational, recording a time of 1:45.91.


Why sprints? How did this specialization become a part of your life?

I just don’t have the stamina to run long distance/mid distance. I like the short burst of energy and the explosiveness of sprinting. In addition, I am a high-energy type of person so it makes sense that I prefer high-intensity races.

Who inspires you most and why?

I would say my parents inspire me a lot. Both of my parents immigrated to America from Nigeria and worked really hard to provide for my siblings and I. Through their words and actions, they reinforced the idea that one day your hard work will pay off. Because of them my ideology for everything in life is to work my hard in whatever I do. In my opinion, if I am not going to work hard at it, why do it at all?

How did it feel to help break a school record during your junior year at the Bomber invitational?

To be honest, I was not really concerned with breaking the school record. My thoughts were more focused on trying to breathe since I am the anchor and run last. But after I was able to breathe I was excited that we broke the school records. But mostly, I was really excited to see what we would run at the next meet.

What is your favorite pre-meet warm up song?

We just had a great weekend, beating Columbia 9–0 and strong Yale 5–4. But in order to come back with a win from Trinity, we have to get over the feeling of achievement (but keeping the confidence) and focus to prepare well for the next few days. We had a solid meeting on Monday, and we know exactly what we have to do in order to play well this weekend.

What has been the most memorable moment of your UR Track and Field career?

The most memorable moment of my UR Track and Field is really the moments I have spent with my team members. Although track is an individual sport, it also very team oriented. It is very mental sport, and sometimes your worst enemy is yourself. It is nice to have teammates that genuinely look out for you and offer support. So I would say that my most memorable moment would not be any particular moment but the moments where I may have been frustrated either due to injuries or performance and my teammates were there for me.

Would you rather chill in Boulder, Colorado with Lorde or take dance lessons with Cam Newton?

I would rather chill with Lorde. She seems like a very chill person.

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