1. On Oct. 26 at 3:54 p.m., a deer was struck by a vehicle on Elmwood Avenue after jumping over the fence from the Mt. Hope Cemetery. After being struck by the car, the injured deer ran into the Emergency Department (ED) front loop. The deer was then able to run into the ambulance doors that were open from when a patient was brought into the hospital. The deer made it a short distance inside the ED. DPS officers and staff were able to secure the deer and take it back outside on a hospital bed. The deer was taken across the street by DPS and Monroe County Sheriff’s deputies, who were in the ED on an unrelated call. Once in the cemetery, it was determined that the deer’s injuries were too severe, and it was put down by one of the deputies. No one was injured inside the ED when the deer ran inside.


Man arrested at Fauver Stadium


2. On Oct. 24 at 1:27 p.m., a Department of Public Safety (DPS) officer observed a male acting strangely inside Fauver Stadium. The male, who was in the stadium watching the football game, was asked to step out and speak with the officers. The male was cooperative and did so without incident. A check of the male’s name determined that he had been recently banned from UR property. He was then placed under arrest for trespassing. The male was then taken to DPS Headquarters for processing, and the Rochester Police Department (RPD) responded and transported him to Monroe County Jail.


Male attempts to return stolen textbook


3. On Oct. 26 at 1:26 p.m., a DPS officer was at the College Town Barnes & Noble taking a report for a male that took a textbook earlier in the day. Staff reported that a male had just entered the store and wanted to return a book that matched what was taken earlier. Staff confirmed that the book was from College Town, as it still had the tags on it. The male stated that a friend asked him to return the book, and that the friend told him his mother bought the book at a nearby Barnes and Noble. The male described his friend and it matched the description of the male that took the book earlier. DPS officers tried to arrest the male for possession of stolen property when he tried to run out of the store. The male was ground subdued and placed in handcuffs. RPD was contacted to transport the male to the Monroe County Jail. At press time, the other male had not been located.

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the class of 2018.

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UR Public Safety.

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