UR Dining Services has extended meal swipe options to Wilson Commons for this semester in response to concerns over the shortened evening hours at Douglass and Danforth Dining Halls.

According to Director of Dining Services and Auxiliary Operations Cam Shauf, the Varsity Student Athletic Advisory Committee (VSAAC) initially contacted UR Dining because freshman athletes were restricted by the shortened hours. For athletic practices that let out after the dining halls close, freshmen athletes—who are more likely to have meal swipes—were forced to use their Declining dollars to pay for post-practice dinners.

“Although athletes can run on a late schedule, we are not the only ones,” VSAAC Vice President  Molly Goodman said. “There are other people on campus that are a part of clubs, committees and organizations that could have late meetings.”

Shauf and Director of Operations Bob Fox attended a VSAAC meeting to hear athlete concerns.

“Whenever we make changes in hours of operation, we certainly work with students […] but we also know that sometimes we’re going to miss stuff and people won’t speak up until they’re affected by the change,” Shauf said.

In other news, Dining Services also cancelled their earlier notification that Danforth would be closed this upcoming weekend. As Shauf said in an email, “It was a proposed shutdown of the hot water supply that would have negatively impacted Danforth Dining.”

The original email to students stated that the closure was “due to construction needs.” This would have been in relation to the construction of Wegmans Hall. However, the shutdown has been postponed for late May or early June, according to UR Facilities, and Danforth will remain open for regular hours this weekend.

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