A new caste of copy editors was added to the prestigious CT this weekend, the group includes foreign exchange student, Francois Chaud 17’, who notes that he is unable to read or right in English, and Michael Kaplanoff ’17, The group is the first in over twenty years to begin editing without learning the style guide, and the copy editors are ready to battle the steep learning curve.

“Je suis à cette mauvaise école parce que je pensais RIT et UR étaient les mêmes,” Chaud spoke frantically.

In order to ensure that the potential editors had competent editing abilities, applicants had to proofread sentences for errors, here is an example question-

Select the choice that best identifies a mistake in the sentence. 

1. The, comma is in the wrong place you know For heaven’s sake. this shouldnt be that hard.

A. There should be a period after the work “know.”

B. There should be a contraction in the word “shouldnt.”

C. The “t” in the word “this” should be capitalized, signaling a new sentence.

D. There is an error, I just can’t find it.

Applicants failed to respond correctly to this question. We received responses such as, “the word ‘comma’ is in the right place”, “there should be an exclamation point after the second sentence,” and

The paper is preparing to face other challenges with the new staff as well. The photo editors don’t believe in the use of technology, the news editors hear everything secondhand, the humor editors’ only previous experience writing was for an obituary website and the opinions editors are really open-minded.

Nevertheless, the staff is really excited to prove their abilities,

Horgan is a member of
the class of 2017.

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