1. Andrew Carnegie planned to come out with a steel-themed monopoly game but just decided to do it in real life instead.

2. A kissing booth featuring Judas.

3. Shaquille O’Neal opened up a photography studio but could never take a good shot.

4. Brutus attempted to open a massage therapy center. His fatal mistake? Advertising it with the slogan, “I’ve got your back.”

5. Sticking with the Romans, Julius Caesar attempted to start a home development business but lost all of his clients after they realized he couldn’t build it in one day.

6. Marie Antoinette tried running her own bakery, but she eventually lost her head.

7. Elvis Presley went on some dangerous missions as a CIA agent but could never escape because his departure was always announced.

10. Charles Darwin created a similar game to Pokémon in which the trainer could evolve too, just to keep things consistent. However, this idea never took off.

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the class of 2017.

Displaced students weigh in on renters insurance debate

The reality is that floods like the one in Brooks Crossings are random accidents that occur once in a while, and many students were not prepared for an accident of this sort and thus uninsured.

Examining student employee pay structures

Any job here requires a certain amount of training, but not all pay structures (devised in response to perceived skill) are created equal.

Commuting, the death of me

As a Rochester native, I wanted to get as far away from here as possible. I wanted to leave everything and everyone behind.