A freshman girl had been studying for a few hours in her room when she decided that she needed some fresh air and human interaction. She decided to go to Gleason Library to continue working and maybe socialize a little. After gathering her books together and plugging her headphones in, the student didn’t feel weird or uncomfortable about going to the library alone at all. Upon her arrival at Gleason, she set her things down at a table with a few of her friends. She didn’t think she would get distracted by her peers. After all, they were all doing work too weren’t they? The girl chatted with her friends for a bit and then opened up her computer to carry on with her schoolwork. “I’d better check Facebook and Twitter – wouldn’t want to miss anything important,” she thought. After an hour and 38 minutes of perusing social media sites and getting sucked in by click-bait (This Person Went Outside and You Won’t Believe What Happened Next!), the student finally opened her Biopsychology textbook. She flipped to the first page of her assigned reading, looked over the first few lines of text, and then resumed talking with her friends. After three more hours of reading over the same 15 pages in the textbook and repeatedly checking her cell phone, the girl felt accomplished and decided it was time to pack up and head back to her dorm room around 2am.  The next day, she told everyone all about how late she stayed in the library the previous night due to her champion work ethic and conscientiousness.

Peters is a member of
the class of  2018.  

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