The NFL needs to get rid of the coin toss to decide who ultimately gets the first chance to win in overtime. My reasoning is because a coin toss isn’t fair, and it’s very difficult for teams to practice calling heads or tails accurately. Could you imagine if pivotal decisions in U.S. history came down to a coin toss? Imagine if during the American Revolution George Washington flipped a coin to decide whether or not America would gain its independence. Heads, U.S. is free, tails, U.S. remains living under tyranny. George goes to flip the coin, he catches it in his hand and it’s heads! Unfortunately, George drops the coin to the ground and the coin flips to tails. Or what if you were getting ready for the 100 meter dash, and they did a coin toss to decide who got to start first? If the NFL wanted to be more fair, they would flip the coin 50 times, and then another 50 times in order to satisfy the 50-50 odds. Now I know that if I tell the NFL that I don’t like their overtime rules, they are going to want to know if I had any better ideas. Which I do, of course. How about, instead of a coin toss, they pick a number from one through ten, and whichever team is closer gets the ball first. This seems to be just as logical.

Horgan is a member of
the class of 2018.

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