1. On Saturday, Nov. 8 at 10:15pm, Department of Public Safety officers observed an individual on a bicycle entering the campus from the footbridge over the Genesee River. The suspect matched the description of someone who had twice entered Goler House that evening and was seen looking at individuals’ laundry on the ground floor of the laundry room. The individual was stopped and after being identified as unaffiliated with the University, it was learned that he had been previously banned from the University. A search incidental to arrest revealed three pairs of ladies’ underwear on his person. The individual was transported back to 612 Wilson Blvd., where he admitted to having entered University dorms on approximately four other dates and times before and stealing over thirty pairs of ladies’ underwear. The individual was charged with second-degree burglary and petit larceny and remanded to City of Rochester lockup for arraignment on Monday, Nov. 10.


Repeat offender trespasses in Miller Center


2. On Nov. 6  at 2:00pm, a Public Safety officer observed a male inside the Miller Center at the  Eastman School of Music. The officer recognized the male from a prior encounter on the property when the male had been arrested for trespassing. The officer also knew that the male was banned from the property. Before the office could make contact with the suspect, he left the area on foot towards the downtown area. The male could not be located after he left the property. Further investigation revealed that the male had been arrested and banned from the property within the last six months. Public Safety filed paperwork for an arrest warrant for the male for the charge of trespassing.


Kadir is a member of

the class of 2017.

Information provided by 

UR Public Safety.

Help, my roommate took ECON 108!

I was willing to overlook the basic annoyances, such as his grumbling “there’s no such thing as a free lunch” when we’d pass food being given out.

SA and Rochester Youth Year showcase efforts at the Community Engagement Fair

“We wanted to facilitate one-to-one contact, and it’s just good to know that people are out here doing the work,” said Witkin.

K-pop, anime, and ignorance

It’s sad that things that are so normalized in other countries are considered weird in America – a country full of so many diverse cultures and ethnicities.