U.S. begins airstrikes in Syria: 

The U.S., along with its Middle Eastern allies, launched its first-ever air strikes in Syria on Tuesday night, Sept. 23.  President Obama claimed that not only did these strikes target ISIL – the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, sometimes called ISIS or IS – but also were meant to stop “an imminent attack” by Khorasan, a  group of “seasoned al-Qaeda operatives.”  Although ISIL has been in the headlines for months, this is the first the public has heard of Khorasan. Attorney General Eric Holder said that Khorasan has been monitored for months and that the strikes against them will likely continue.

Ebola predictions worsen: 

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) estimated that, without additional help to curb Ebola, the epidemic could reach 1.4 million cases by January. There have been more than 5,800 cases of the disease reported in West Africa, with more than 2,800 deaths, according to the CDC.

Secret Service fumbles: 

On Friday, Sept. 19, a man claiming to be a veteran of the Iraq War scaled the White House fence and made it into the Executive Mansion before being apprehended by Secret Service members. The man was carrying a 3 ½ inch knife and a subsequent search of his car revealed more than 800 rounds of ammunition. On Saturday, Sept. 20, a different man tried to drive through the barricades onto White House grounds. The breaches left President Obama “obviously concerned” and prompted the installation of a second barrier around the White House.

Man charged in the disappearance of UVA student: 

32-year-old Jesse Matthew was arrested and charged in the abduction of University of Virginia sophomore Hannah Graham. Graham was last seen with Matthew shortly before her disappearance on Sept. 13. The results of searches of Matthew’s property have not been released. Graham’s whereabouts are still unknown.

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