It’s 10:30am on a snowy, Rochester morning, and the dining workers all gather around the center circle table in Danforth. The chefs from the different stations place their dishes on the table to be judged.

The pre-service leader calls them all to attention as he begins the meeting. Among other important goals, he talks about the importance of letting students know how long they will be waiting in line at each station.

He then walks around the table and assesses the submitted dishes, taking note of best overall display and portion control. His mission is to ensure that the food being served is constantly improving.

One of the presented dishes will be pronounced the winner. and the maker of the dish will be rewarded with the privilege of picking the music played in the dining hall that day.

If you’ve ever noticed the music playing, there is usually a set theme, not just a random mix of radio music. It is a result of this friendly competition among the workers, providing students with something to jam out to while they eat.


Several chefs share their music preferences and recent victories:


Name: Chef John

Station: Vegan

Last Win: Quinoa Salad with Mango Curry on Feb. 12.

Length of Employment at UR: 10 Years

Favorite Music Station: ’80s



Name: Chef Tami

Station: Grill

Last Win: Chicken Caesar Salad on Feb. 11.

Length of Employment at UR: 5.5 years

Favorite Music Station: ’80s



Name: Chef Sue

Station: Dessert

Last Win: Sweet Potato Coffee Cake on Jan. 22.

Length of Employment at UR: 13 Years

Favorite Music Station: ’80s



Names: Chef Angel & Chef Stella

Station: Mongolian & Deli

Last Win: It’s been a while

Length of Employment at UR: 7 & 8 years

Favorite Music Station: R&B



Kanakam is a member of the class of 2017. 

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