We are at an awkward phase in life. We are done with high school but have not yet braved the real world. We live in a sheltered bubble with others of a similar age. We are lectured everyday by professors, coaches, and advisors about our learning, our hobbies, and what powers our souls. In this uncertain and ever-changing life where daily activities range from swim practice to medieval club meetings, one of the most difficult questions to tackle is simply how to dress for all these challenges.

Wandering around campus on any given day, it’s easy to spot at least five people wearing UR gear of some sort, most likely sweatpants and sweatshirts. This is understandable; when homework has kept a student up late, it’s challenging to get out of bed with enough time to worry about what to wear. In the cold winter months, it’s hard to convince our bodies to get out of the warmth of our pajamas regardless of how flashy and embarrassing they might be.

Despite these statements, one thing is for certain: I have never seen a professor show up to class in their pajamas or sweatpants. Professors get up in the morning with enough time to shower, get dressed, have breakfast, and with get themselves to class. Can students at least show enough respect to put on jeans and brush their hair?

On the weekends, it is perfectly  acceptable to spend the day in sweatpants. When one is heading to the gym first thing in the morning, sweatpants are definitely acceptable. At the end of a long day, it’s wonderful to go home and slide on a favorite pair of sweatpants.

But during the week, when students are in class, they should take enough pride in their appearance to change out of pajamas and sweatpants. Out of respect for both professors and their fellow classmates who have to sit around them, get out of bed, and shower. Caring about appearance can seem superficial and unimportant. But there is no denying the satisfying feeling of putting on clean clothes that have a real, button waist and are without a hood.

I’ve been told that dressing nicely is an Eastman thing. According to a small population of students at River Campus, Eastman students have to care about their appearances because they are on stage all the time. News flash: we are not on stage every single day. It’s simply a different campus and a different standard. If you wear sweatpants to class, you will not only stand out in class, but your professor will actually see, notice, and care.

This is the last time in the lives of students that wearing sweatpants on a daily basis or pajamas out of the house will be socially acceptable. Enjoy it, but at least think about what it would be like to wear them one less time a week and then consider following through. Find other ways to show UR spirit instead of displaying it up the side of your leg or across your hoodie.

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