As a long time fashion obsédée and a Rochester resident for five years, I have recently decided to follow my passion and provide my fellow style lovers with ideas, trends, and creative ways to express personality through clothing. For my first “Ooohh La Lu-Lu” I have compiled a Rochester girl’s checklist for surviving the cold:

A hat to protect your ears and hair – try a cloche, a wool hat, a beret or a beanie.

Two pairs of gloves or mittens – one knit or insulated, one leather.

Three types of scarves – cashmere, knit, and silk.

Four different types of tights – sheer, opaque, lace, and colored.

To find some of these unique accessories locally in Rochester, go to Peppermint or Devil May Care on Park Ave. You can also visit their websites: and

If you would rather shop elsewhere, I suggest This store has a selection of items that give back. In other words, part of the profit is donated to developing countries in Latin America and Africa.

If you would like something unique and fresh, is the place to visit. This Spanish store, now available in the U.S., has a great variety of styles from edgy to classic to elegant. And with their new line “Violeta,” they have made a commitment to helping every girl find the perfect dress, shirt, skirt, etc. – no matter her size.

If you would like something more funky and adventurous, go to This British store has everything from shiny trinkets to tassels to the funky socks or stockings that always make a statement.

Just because it’s grey outside doesn’t mean we should wear grey until the sun comes out in May. To help you find some inspiration, try this outfit suggestion: Pair an A line skirt with a white or collar shirt, a knit sweater, patterned stockings, and a hat (any type). Outfits like this are guaranteed to keep you both warm and fashionable all winter long!



Cosswich is a first year graduate student. 

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